Stacey Cordivano, DVM

Stacey Cordivano, DVM

She, Wife, Mom, Equine Vet, Podcast Host

Dr. Cordivano, a graduate of Penn State University and the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, opened Clay Creek Equine Veterinary Services in 2010. Her veterinary interests include performance issues in the sport horse, alternative medicine and emergency medicine. On a personal note, Stacey enjoys spending time with her husband, Ben, and their sons, Carter and Asher!  Sharing in the farm fun is their dog, Gigi, the farm cat, Cami, their two goats and a pony named Tex.

What I Do
  • Cook meals that kids never seem to eat
  • Try to help sick or hurt ponies
  • Interview super cool people
  • Listen to a million podcasts
  • Read if I can before crashing in bed
  • Try to be a supportive and loyal friend and family member
  • Lend an ear to horse owners
  • Run a solo veterinary business
  • Edit and produce The Whole Veterinarian Podcast
  • Learn to be more thankful and joyful every day
  • Create fun Instagram content for other veterinarians
Stacey Cordivano podcast host

About the Podcast

The Whole Veterinarian podcast was created to share experiences and start a dialogue about how we can grow as people and professionals. There are so many aspects of personal and financial development that can lead veterinarians to live a happier, more fulfilled life. There are also SO MANY people out there working to help veterinarians through creative and unique businesses and products. I love to highlight others working toward a better VetMed future for all of us.

As a female equine solo practitioner, mother and business owner, I’ve seen the challenges that face us. Vets are some of the hardest working and most dedicated professionals out there. Together, let’s learn how to develop a life we love.

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