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Hey there, Amazing Equine Vet. We see you.

You are seeing cases until 8pm most nights. Your clients complain about the cost of hock injections but you know they’re entered in three shows in the next month. Your practice doesn’t even know what the phrase ‘maternity leave’ means. You signed up for a 75 mile non-compete radius because you felt like you had no other choice.

We get it.

We want to improve the well-being and productivity of equine veterinarians. We want to inspire change at the individual level and collaborate with like-minded peers. We have found that focusing on the whole person, rather than just the work of the veterinarian, can result in healthier, more well-rounded people. 
Are you fed up with the way that equine practice has been run for the past forever? If so, this seminar and retreat is for you. Let’s shake things up. If something doesn’t change, we’ll lose more colleagues to suicide and attrition from this profession. We simply cannot afford that. This change starts with you.
  • Does your body feel 20 years older than you actually are? 
      • Learn specific yoga poses that will help a veterinarian who spends hours a day in the truck. 
      • Learn how to fuel your body with balanced nutrition in our crazy lifestyle.
  • Questions about finance? 
      • Learn investment tips from a Certified Financial Planner. 
      • You’ll come away with a plan for that student debt repayment or how to save for a house.
  • No idea where to start on negotiating your next contract? Ready to hire an employee? 
      • Get connected with a lawyer who will help you tailor your next transaction with state-specific tips.
  • Are you suffering from compassion fatigue? Do you even know the symptoms?
      •  Boundaries coaching will help you find your way through the muddy waters of burnout and compassion fatigue.
  • Trouble communicating with coworkers or clients? 
      • Improve relationships by learning how to identify preferences, differences and tendencies leveraging Everything DiSC®
  • Network and collaborate with colleagues who are passionate about doing things differently. 
  • One-on-one access to all of our speakers is a cornerstone of this weekend. 
      • Time slots are available to schedule an individual meetings for a deeper dive into questions about your specific situation.
      • Most speakers will be hanging out for social events as well.
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Over three days in Seattle, Washington, we will spend time in small but meaningful group conversations. We will focus on aspects of personal and professional development that aren’t covered in other meetings.

If you’re ready to help make changes in our industry, we want you to spend the weekend learning and collaborating with us. We know that it is possible to make equine veterinary medicine a sustainable and fulfilling career.

Join us in disrupting equine veterinary medicine.

In order to keep an intimate and comfortable atmosphere, we have limited the Seminar to 30 participants. It is currently full, but we anticipate hosting more events in the future. Please submit your contact info to be added to our mailing list.

Please add your contact info below in order to be kept in the loop about upcoming events.

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October 14-17, 2021

Seattle, Washington
The Cedarbrook Lodge – featuring an on-site Spa

Click here to reserve a room at the group rate of $189 per night.

Registration- $425 and includes: 

  • Breakfast and lunch provided daily 
  • Dinner and entertainment is sponsored on Friday night
  • Small group seminars with our panel of experts
  • Optional veterinarian-focused yoga sessions
  • One-on-one time to meet with our speakers
  • Shuttle from SEATAC Airport

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at Many levels of partnership are available.

Questions? Please reach out below.

Countdown to Making Changes...


COVID-19 Policy: In accordance with Washington state and local guidelines, we will conduct health screening of attendees in a way that is safe and respectful, and in accordance with any applicable privacy laws and regulations. Washington State is expected to be fully re-opened by July.

Unable to make it this year but want to support the cause? Do you have a veterinarian that you would like to support?

You may use the button below to contribute to the operational costs of the Sustainability in Equine Practice Seminar to help us make this an amazing event.

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