I’m stacey AND I HELP

to discover their
whole selves

I want veterinarians to become happier, healthier, wealthier and more grateful for this life that we’ve created.

I believe that you can thrive in veterinary medicine and in life.

Personal development wasn’t even on my radar a few years ago. Gratitude? SMART goals? Boundary-setting? Who had ever heard of those woo-woo ideas?! Well, it turns out that working on yourself is a great way to dig your way out of the burnout and compassion fatigue that is so common in veterinary medicine. 

the whole veterinarian podcast aims to take on big topics and make them applicable to busy veterinarians. in short episodes, you will hear a bit about lots of different topics around personal and financial development.
i hope at least one will make you want to dig in further.

“Fantastic stories and variety of guests that are really relatable to everyone. Highly recommend!”

zak k.

Group 37

I was there. Burned out and oh-so-tired.

I had 2 kids under 3 and I was barely keeping my head above water most days as I ran a solo equine ambulatory practice. If not for the discovery of podcasts and self-improvement topics, I cannot say that I would still be a practicing veterinarian today. I was so thankful for the knowledge I gained by listening to these new ideas, that I decided I had to put out a podcast of my own – aimed at MY community. I hope that my perspective as a woman, mother, practice owner and equine vet lends a unique tilt to the topics that we cover on the podcast.

In a Nutshell


I still really love ponies and try to ride weekly. My boys are such a joy in my life and Gigi, our 12-year-old Jack Russell, is the sweetest thing on planet earth.

currently sustained by

cold brew

on my nighstand

literally 20 books to be read

on repeat

mumford & sons or eric church

dream vacation

greek islands

never say no to

chatting with a friend

enneagram number

8 – the challenger!

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for my colleagues…

I understand the struggles of a stretched-too-thin veterinarian. I have also learned that after doing the introspective work, there is a brighter side to veterinary medicine. Personal and financial development strategies have helped me find a happier place in my life and in my career. I hope to share resources that will resonate with my fellow veterinarian to allow you to become a more whole person.

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