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Olivia Oginska of VetGoneReal joins me to talk about psychological safety and workplace incivility in veterinary teams

Episode 41 – Improving Veterinary Team Culture by Focusing on Psychological Safety with Dr. Olivia Oginska

I think we can all agree that team dysfunction and a toxic workplace are major contributors to the poor well-being of the individual veterinarian. Today’s guest studies and consults on a few things that I believe could significantly change the way our veterinary practices function on a day-to-day basis. Dr. Olivia Oginska is deeply passionate about veterinary workplace well-being, emotional intelligence, psychological safety and creating tools that help veterinary practitioners to thrive in their career and personal life.

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Episode 26 – For Animals. For Earth. featuring Brandy Hedye Montague

Do you need easy tips to create a more sustainable lifestyle? Would you love to do more for the planet but have no idea where to start? In this episode I’m speaking with Brandy Heyde-Montague. She’s the host of the For Animals. For Earth Podcast, which is all about sharing simple and actionable tips on how to change your lifestyle in a way that betters both animals and the environment.

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Episode 25 – Setting Boundaries and Reducing Burnout In VetMed with Dr. Danielle Alleman

How do your boundaries hold up against the daily pressures of veterinary medicine? In this episode, Dr. Danielle Alleman of Empathos Vet shares how her struggles with setting firm boundaries quickly led her down the path toward burnout. Her own self-discovery and personal development has gotten her to a healthier place in veterinary medicine; she is now sharing tools for others to do the same through her online wellness platform, Empathos Vet. You’ll hear us chat about how to set boundaries, what is self-compassion and how vet school is a starting place of many of our poor habits in these departments.

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the whole veterinarian podcast featuring silva martin discussing overcoming adversity

Episode 5 – Overcoming Adversity featuring Silva Martin

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Overcoming Adversity featuring Silva Martin
JULY 02, 2020

Silva Martin, International dressage rider and coach, joins me for a chat about the many obstacles she has faced throughout her life. Her no-nonsense attitude and humor are infectious! We cover everything from overbooking herself to her traumatic brain injury. Silva handles life and motherhood with apparent ease these days; she is truly an inspiration!

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How to Create a Strategic Life Plan

This exercise was a game changer for me. It was the starting point to realizing that I could create a life that I love instead of letting life and work run all over me. Check it out and let me know if you need any help getting started.

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