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the whole veterinarian episode 71 with dr. donita mccants

Episode 71 – Dr. Donita McCants: A Story of Resilience, Entrepreneurship, and Passion in Veterinary Medicine

Are you prepared to be inspired by a story of resilience and passion? Meet Dr. Donita McCants, a remarkable veterinarian who turned adversities into stepping-stones on her path to success. From battling ADHD and anxiety to overcoming financial barriers to start her mobile veterinary practice, this amazing woman is a powerhouse of determination and grit. Dr. McCants has created a successful mobile veterinary practice that allows her to give back to her community while also giving her the autonomy to create a balance that benefits her family’s well being.

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episode 69 of the whole veterinarian podcast features dr. marie holowaychuk discussing toxic workplace environments

Episode 69 – Recognizing and Addressing Toxic Workplace Culture with Dr. Marie Holowaychuck

Toxic behaviors have deep-seated impacts on our well-being in veterinary medicine. Systematic changes, clear expectations, workload balancing, and candid communication are crucial to crafting a productive and safer work environment. The episode, featuring return guest Dr. Marie Holowaychuk, highlights the influence of individual attitudes on a team’s environment and dives deeply into the role that leadership needs to play in creating a safer and more open veterinary workplace.

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the whole veterinarian podcast episode 67 featuring stephen mclaughry

Episode 67 – Developing Autonomy and Efficiency in Veterinary Practices featuring Stephen McLaughry

Today we dive into the ways that technology and workplace culture intersect when in comes to improving recruitment and retention of our veterinary employees. Stephen McLaughry, CEO and co-founder of Vet Badger, took his skills from the world of software engineering and poured them into the profession of veterinary medicine. He shares his unique journey of co-owning a small animal clinic with his wife and how it inspired him to create a platform that revolutionizes the way veterinary practices operate.

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the whole veterinarian podcast episode 66 featuring dr. kim harmon

Episode 66 – How to Hold a Meeting that Your Veterinary Team Will Love featuring Dr. Kim Harmon – PART 2

We break down the essential questions you need to ask before planning a meeting for your veterinary team: why is it taking place, who should be present, when should it happen, and what outcomes you’re striving for. With a focus on setting expectations, starting and ending on time, and keeping your meetings on track, we guide you through pre-meeting preparations, welcoming and connecting, engaging with participants, and ensuring a productive conclusion. Learn how to make the most of your workplace meetings and share this episode with friends or colleagues who could benefit from these game-changing strategies.

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Episode 63 – State of The Union on Equine Veterinary Practice in 2023 with Kelly and Misty

FUN NEW FORMAT! Listen in as Misty, Kelly and I discuss our opinions on some hot topics in equine vetmed at the moment. We are all working in spaces of equine veterinary medicine that allow us to hear from the trenches, so we brought up just a couple of things that we have been hearing a lot about lately….and we didn’t get to several major topics because there is just so much to digest. SO, if you like this format (AND if you have thoughts to add!) let me know and we will do it again and potentially throw in some guest comments or questions!

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How to Create a Strategic Life Plan

This exercise was a game changer for me. It was the starting point to realizing that I could create a life that I love instead of letting life and work run all over me. Check it out and let me know if you need any help getting started.

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