Episode 53 – Utilizing Transformational Leadership to Make a Positive Change in Veterinary Medicine featuring Dr. Andrew Ciccolini

When you think of amazing leaders throughout history, there’s a good chance you’re thinking of someone who has enacted transformational leadership. Today we get to learn all about the pillars of transformational leadership – what it’s made of, why it can be so beneficial, and what some of the downsides might be in this interview with Dr. Andrew Ciccolini. Andrew is just wrapping up his Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and so generously shares his insight with us. Veterinary medicine is definitely in need of this leadership style, so let’s all pay close attention!

More about Andrew Ciccolini, DVM, MSOL
Dr. Andrew is a veterinarian dedicated to the health and welfare of underserved pet populations with a passion for reducing economic barriers that disrupt the human-animal bond. He is a 2011 graduate of The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. He served nine years of active duty with the United States Army providing veterinary care all across the world. Continuing to serve part time in the Army National Guard, he is also the Medical Director at the National Mill Dog Rescue, a non-profit located in Colorado that rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes over 1,100 commercial breeding dogs every year. Andrew has completed a Master of Organizational Leadership degree from Regis University and leads non-profit initiatives for Galaxy Vets.
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Resources that were mentioned
Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (animated video from author Dan Pink)
Dare to Lead by Brene Brown
The Little Blue Truck series by Alice Schertle
My American Journey by Colin Powell
The Mission, the Men, and Me: Lessons from a Former Delta Force Commander by Pete Blaber
-National Mill Dogs Rescue Healing Hearts Fund

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