The Podcast is Coming SOON!

Hey all! I’m doing a thing. I’ve started a podcast.

I know firsthand the trials of a mobile equine veterinarian; the time constraints, the pressure to produce revenue, the heartbreak of a case gone wrong, the joy of saving a patient that you thought had no shot, the lack of bathroom accessibility (yeah, I don’t EVER drink my recommended 80oz of water!)

If I can improve the quality of life for one veterinarian because of a book or strategy that is referenced on my podcast, I will be ecstatic.

I hope this podcast will provide insight into topics like personal finance, wellness, parenting and much more. Vets are some of the hardest working and most dedicated professionals out there; together, let’s learn how to put ourselves onto our priority list and develop a life we love.

Keep an ear out for the trailer and then make sure to subscribe!

Let me know your thoughts!